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On Saturday, June 30th, Westminster Presbyterian Church participated in the annual Gay Pride Parade for the 3rd straight year!  It was a perfect day for a parade and there certainly were lots of participating contingents and many, many people cheering from the sides as we went by.  Representing Westminster, from left to right were:

2018 PRide

Brian Roberge, Cindy Piatt, Lee Walters, Mary Jo Lundy, Bruce Cebell, Margi Coxwell, Michael Brinegar, Charlene Cebell, Arvid Lundy, Dick Avery and Tony Aja.


Margi Coxwell and Dick Avery relaxing on board waiting for the parade to begin
pride Michael
Our fearless driver, Michael Brinegar is at the wheel as the parade makes it’s way to the Plaza



Those riding on the truck, Margi Coxwell, Dick Avery, Lee Walters and Brian Roberge busily waved at the crowds that greeted us.


P6300251 copy
All along the route people waved and encouraged us.
Those carrying the banner enjoyed the crowd as well


Turning onto the plaza the crowd grew to several deep as several hundred cheered on the parade!
On the Plaza the crowd was several deep with lots of cheering and waving

All good things must come to an end.  We stopped to remove the signs from the truck so they wouldn’t come loose in the wind and two young men on skateboards came by us and thanked us for participating. As they were “cruising” away one turned back and said, “it’s good to see a church part of this!”

The task of carrying the banner back to the parking lot by the Roundhouse and to the church fell to Tony and Bruce.

sign disposal

Thank you to everyone who participated and to Westminster for being a More Light Presbyterian congregation where we welcome and embrace everyone who enters.






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